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Learn More About Third Space Place (3SP)

Third Space Place (3SP) is your dusty, comfy front porch/living room combo serving as a Black Rock City “third space” — a relaxing, community space offering a real sense of welcome and belonging beyond your dwelling (“first space”) and your place of work (“second space”). As with any true community space, guests can just stop by, chill out, ask for directions, chat, or participate in one of the many 3SP’s events focusing on all kinds of issues.

3SP is a Burning Man theme camp originally based in DC but now with campers across the U.S. including DC, New York, Minneapolis, Portland and LA. Our founders started camping with DC's IAMU in 2013 and spun off to create 3SP in 2015.  


​We are a mix of professionals and creatives and typically have a few Burgins (new Burners) each year.  Our numbers have ranged from 13 to 25, and we expect this year to include around 23 campers. We try hard to be a "no drama" camp - we have a blast at Burning Man, but when needed, we act like adults.  We support and help one another. 

​We strongly believe in Burning Man’s 10 Principles (including the 11th), respect our physical space, each other, and the land on which we camp, the Playa. We all want a simple, comfy, communal camping experience, and consider our camp a soft place to land.  

3SP's gift to Black Rock City is our comfy, shaded, front-porch living room where you can chat with others in your "third space" away from the sun.  3SP also offers a wide variety of interactive events with common themes of interpersonal communication and creativity. 


We Are Your Third Space Place

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